Reporting and Analytics

Our teams of experts develop customized reports to reflect the relevant KPIs and aid in the analytics and insights for the next steps. We work as an extension of your office.

We’ll get involved in the day-to-day marketing tasks your company normally does in order to understand them, then evaluate and offer recommendations on improvements. While we offer reports for the campaigns we run, we believe is better to understand how the campaigns we are running interact or participate in the path to conversion with your other marketing efforts.

While in most cases digital marketing reporting is done from Google Analytics, some companies also relay on DoubleClick(another Google product) to report on paths-to-conversion and attribution. If your company already uses one platform and prefer to keep it we’ll work together to make sure the correct setup is performed and all is set for successful tracking of all different channels.

From a visualization perspective, digital marketing reporting is mostly done from Google Analytics with some great visualization aid from the platform. Having a simple and easy-to-read visual allows to quickly see where performance is at peak and what campaigns may need some adjustment. Google Data Studio keeps adding new features and is, nowadays, a very powerful tool. Power BI is a highly reliable tool and also allows a great visualization. Tableau is one of the most popular visualization tool use in large enterprises. Once we understand the specific need for your company we can make a recommendation on what tool could be the best fit.

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