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Websites, nowadays, represent what it was brick and mortar stores in the past

Brands have evolved and are represented by the experience users and clients have when they go across the brand or have a specific interaction. It is said that we, humans, create memories not only by the things we hear or see but mainly on what we feel, or the more senses (like the smell) intervene in the experience the more prompt we are to create a memory. Another example could be a series of images that make us feel happy, then there is a high probability that users will relate that emotion to the brand. That’s the type of experiences brands should be after.

Emotions and feelings play a critical role since the first second a user lands on whatever landing page google algorithm decided to make it land if it was an organic visit for example. From that moment on, it’s in control of the companies’ website the experience they are willing to make that user go through.

Nowadays businesses are making efforts to improve as much as possible the experience a user is having with innovative visual effects and simultaneously automating as many processes as possible. While automation is key, not only to optimize the processes in which the user is going through, keeping it personal and making the user feel understood and that someone is listening or paying attention to their question is nowadays is a must. Otherwise, your brand will feel the impact.

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