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Demo available with options to take over chat to ensure the best user experience

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Up to 4X Qualified leads with AI assisted technology.  IntelliTicks uses the combined intelligence of AI + Human to create proactive & personalized conversational experiences to convert visitors into more qualified leads.

Automated FAQ answers

Let AI answer repeated queries from prospects

See who is online now

Monitor automated chats and overtake if needed or if its a HOT lead

Peek into lead’s mind

With easy to understand lead insights

Lead Prioritization

By identifying who is a hot, warm or cold lead in the live traffic

Instant Lead Alerts

Get real-time alerts on Desktop, Mobile and Emails

Integrate with your CRM

Get all your Leads & Conversation data directly in your favorite tools.

Analyze & Optimize

Get detailed report on what converts visitors to leads.


Travel Planner Bot for a Domestic/Abroad trip

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Custom/in-house CRM integration

IntelliTicks can be integrated with your custom CRM. For that you need to provide API details.

When IntelliTicks captures email or phone number, it will make an API call to your system to create the lead. Subsequently when other profile data is captured on chat, it will make API calls to update the lead. Below are the API requirements. Below are the requirements:

  • All API calls should have accept JSON payload/FORM post in the request body.

  • Optionally you can authorize your API calls with fixed Authorization keys in headers, query string or body.

  • Follow one of the given method to update the lead

    • Create a separate API calls to create the lead and update the lead. In create API return lead id in JSON body, which will be used in subsequent update calls.

    • Create just one API call and write a logic on server which reads email id and phone number from payload and identifies from the database if its new lead or existing lead.


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